How to easily destroy a camera

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Gerry Bishop
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How to easily destroy a camera

The other day I mounted my Nikon D610 camera and 24-70 mm lens onto my tripod and set it up on my patio. When I turned away for a moment, I heard a sickening crash and quickly turned to see the camera and lens lying on the concrete. The camera had taken the full force of the blow and was in pieces. (Fortunately, the lens was spared any damage--I hope!)

What happened was all my fault. I hadn't properly tightened the knobs on my ball head, and that allowed the ball to slip and the camera to pop free of the clamp. So, while I sit here waiting for a new camera to arrive from B&H, I send this message as fair warning to always be careful!

Of course, this message should in no way be perverted into an excuse not to use a tripod for most of your photography! :-)


Anton Largiader
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Ouch!! Is this an upgrade excuse? :)

Pat Temples
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That's why I have insured my equipment!!