2nd virtual daffodil photography contest

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Vicky Eicher
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2nd virtual daffodil photography contest

Gloucester VA is the site of a large annual celebration of daffodils, including a flower show and a parade!  But this year will be different due to the pandemic.  The celebration's been scaled down to a 'hybrid show' which includes a virtual photography section!

For additional information on the overall show, see http://daffodilfestivalva.org/daffodil-show/ 

Rules governing the show and the virtual photography competition can be found at http://daffodilfestivalva.org/wp-content/uploads/2021/02/2021-GloDaffSho...

Note that space is limited and pre-registration is required -- before March 20, or until the classes are full! March 20 is also the deadline for submitting your entries.