October 2021 Meeting

Thursday, October 14, 2021 - 6:45pm to 8:30pm
Sandi Croan
Abstracts and Altered Reality

Entries may be created by one or more of the following methods (see Rules of Competition for more information):

o Photographing a subject in such a way that it becomes isolated from its context and where shapes, colors, lines, patterns, and textures predominate and provide primary interest. The context becomes unrecognizable and irrelevant.

o Camera movement. (Does not include panning to capture moving objects.)

o The use of software, in which a photograph is altered to the point that it no longer reflects reality. The altered photo and any added components must be the original work of the entrant.

o Each member can enter two photos in this category. The final score for the competition will be the sum of the scores for each photo entered per member. There will be no Open category

o A and B are judged together.

o There is no limit on the capture date for the photo.


Meet & Greet 6:45 PM - 7:00 PM EDT

Sandi Croan will judge our Abstact and Altered Reality entries at the October meeting.  Sandi is an independent photographer from Centerville who specializes in landscape, nature and travel photography.  Her photographs have won numerous competitions and awards and have been published in local and national magazines.  Sandi served two terms as president of the Northern Virginia Photographic Society.  She enjoys judging area photo competitions and exhibitions.  After completiting her training as a judge, Sandi's first judging experience was at CCC!  You can view a sample of her art at www.sandicroanphotography.com.