Virtual Fall Daffodil Photography Contest

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Vicky Eicher
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Virtual Fall Daffodil Photography Contest

The American Daffodil Society is holding a virtual Fall meeting this month, and it includes a virtual photography competition! The deadline for entering is this Saturday, September 26, by 12 pm EST.

It is open to everyone, but registration is required. For complete information, go to

The classes are very similar to those in the Washington and Richmond Virginia shows.

You can find the rules at

Basically you are submitting two jpeg photos per class, with one exception. There is a class for "Daffodils in Bloom Now", and entrants can submit up to 10 if you have a series showing a time-lapse of the flower in bloom! FYI - My attempts to grow a fall blooming daffodil totally failed, and I have no idea where you could find any.

FYI, judging will be by a panel of 10 judges during October. On October 1, all entries can be viewed online, and viewers can vote for a People's Choice award October 1-21, 2020.

This is the first time the American Daffodil Society is holding a virtual Fall Meeting and a virtual Photography Competition. Some members entered the Washington and Richmond virtual photography shows, and I could not find anything in the rules regarding entering those photos in this competition.

Good luck! And stay healthy and safe.