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Gerry Bishop
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Photoshop for Photographers

If you attend out peer review sessions each month, you've seen the "workflow" we use in editing photos: starting out with Adobe Lightroom and then, when necessary, moving to Photoshop, which has capabilities beyond those available in Lightroom or any other photo-editing program.

The problem with advocating this workflow, which I think is the best available to photographers, is that Photoshop can be intimidating to first-time users, mostly because it is a huge program that's been designed and built up over the years to serve a wide range of uses that go beyond photo editing. That's why I've been looking for an easy way for beginning, as well as even more experienced photographers who have been reluctant to try Photoshop, to take the leap into this amazing program.

In late June I posted a link to a Photoshop tutorial that I thought would be helpful, but this morning I found something that seems even better, which you can find at If you go to this site, be sure to play the introductory video, which will show what the course will cover and will preview the great teaching ability of Matt Kloskowski.


Jim Palmer
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Dana Palmer
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I would like to get started with Lightroom/Photoshop and participate in the meeting on Tuesday. Is the program now a subscription process (like the Microsoft suite)? I'm looking at the Best Buy site and see Photoshop (creative cloud) and Lightroom together for 119.99 for a 1-year subscription. I also want to be able to edit some digital family videos at some point. Is there one bundled program for photos and video that would be more cost effective or should I just look for different programs?
Dana Palmer

Rob Craighurst
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I have Photoshop / Lightroom CC (classic) which is not cloud based, but on my desktop, which is what I want. It is subscription at $9.99/month. As for video, that's not included. I can't comment on Adobe's video offerings.

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I have the subscription Photoshop/Lightroom as well. For $9.99/month you always have access to the latest updates/versions. The subscription includes Photoshop, Lightroom (cloud based) Lightroom Classic, and Camera Raw. I use Lightroom Classic, Photoshop and Camera Raw.
Yes, Photoshop can do video edits as well. I usually use Corel's Video Studio for Video but for simple projects Photoshop should be just fine. Adobe's flagship professional level for video is Premier. Pricey!