June 2020 Meeting

Thursday, June 11, 2020 - 7:00pm to 8:30pm
Rachel Wilson
Beautiful Clouds

Please note that for this month's competition will be lifting the rule about all entries having to be taken within the last year and allowing photos taken within the past two years.

Puffy white clouds against a clear blue sky are beautiful without a doubt. But might you find beauty in the threatening clouds of a coming storm? Or even clouds at night, highlighted by a glowing moon? For this assignment, you might capture clouds alone or clouds as part of a landscape or seascape. Just be sure that clouds are the predominant part of your photo. For tips and inspiration, check out:


Meet & Greet - 6:45-7:00

Rachel Wilson will be returning to judge our competition this month.  After graduation from Ohio University, Rachel worked for several years as a newspaper photojournalist.  Since 2006 she has taught photography to students at Charlottesville High School.  Working in her own studio, she focuses on capturing peoples’ personalities and documenting special events through wedding photography and portraiture.