December Meeting

Thursday, December 12, 2019 - 6:00pm
Warren Standley

Returning to judge our "best-of-the-year" photo competition will be Warren Standley. After living in Northern Virginia, where he was active in leadership of the Vienna Photographic Society, Warren now is happily retired in Bentonville, VA. Warren has served several times as the judge for our December meeting. The evening will begin at 6 PM with our annual Holiday Party, featuring food favorites from members' kitchens (or Wegman's). Ice and soft drinks will be provided; otherwise, bring your own beverages. Note that the location is the Center (formerly known as the Senior Center) at 491 Hillsdale Drive (formerly 1180 Pepsi Place), NOT WESTMINSTER CANTERBURY. The competition will follow dinner. This will include choosing the best photo in several categories, as well as the Shyan award for members in the B group. Be sure to review the competition categories and some special rules that apply to this meeting. Click here for competition details. The deadline for submitting projected images to Photocontest Pro is, as usual, Monday midnight. Print entries (including the Shyan Award) must be brought to the (Senior) Center. In addition, the winners of the James W. Simmons Photographer of the Year (for A photographers) and the Howard Rothman Photographer of the Year (for B photographers) awards will be announced.